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The Real History of The Salem Witch Trials

Noted Historian and Archivist Richard Trask

Richard Trask has been the archivist and town historian of Danvers, Massachusettes for over half a century.  He is the undisputed expert and authority on the subject of the Salem Witch Trials.  Danvers, once called "Salem Village," is where the witch hysteria took place before it was all sent to trial in Salem Towne by the Sea.



Mr. Trask's introduction to the Teacher's Guide tells the "Real History" of what came to be in this remote hamlet in the year 1692 and what led up to "The Salem Witch Trials."  Mr. Trask was also the key Historical Advisor to our PBS mini-series, "Three Sovereigns For Sarah."

*The TEACHER'S GUIDE comes with a complete Bibliography of recommended reading.
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