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This is the 55-page TEACHER'S GUIDE that accompanies the PBS mini-series

This GUIDE will allow educators, or history buffs, to follow along precisely with the mini-series, scene-by-scene, showing all of the visual, cultural, social, and historical references which were painstakingly detailed and built into in every scene.  The GUIDE is sequenced to correspond to the minute and second timer [00:00] on your TV and/or digital device.  
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Open letter Salem Witch Trial Teacher's Guide
Salem Witch Trial letter to educators
Below is one of the Sample Pages to our Teacher's Guide.  The inserted video is a clip from the opening of Episode One.  The clock/timer on the video shows 15 seconds into the mini-series, THREE SOVEREIGNS FOR SARAH and a "Point of Interest" describes in detail what is of historical interest in the scene - a two-wheel cart.  
The "02/53" on this same page references an upcoming scene which is 2 minutes and 53 seconds into Episode One.  The historical significance of what is seen in that scene, along with "Questions Raised," is featured.
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