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Victor Pisano
Jul 05, 2018
In Related to Rebecca Nurse?
We really look forward to hearing from you. During the course of making this PBS mini-series, we made many, many friends and new assiociates both in the motion picture business and in the field of archival studies and family genealogy. It seems that Rebecca Nurse was more prolific than previously imagined. Every week during the production, we would receive dozens of inquiries about Rececca Nurse and how she was a cherished early member of many families - tens of thousands of them it seems. Well, here's the chance to pull the extended family all together and reconnect. We will be extending invitations to as many of the Nurse family as we can find to contribute to this Chat Forum. Check in every once in awhile, you never know who might show up. We've collected dozens and dozens of letters over the years from Nurse family members and now we plan to share them along with new posts and inquires. Thank you Rebecca...

Victor Pisano

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